Lifetime Furnace Replacement Warranty

Lifetime Furnace Replacement Warranty

The Million-Air Heat Exchanger ONLY from Amana

The industry standard (ANSI Z21.47) requires all furnace manufactures to test heat exchangers to 10,000 cycles. Amana wanted more. At least 100 times more!

Amana's revolutionary Million-Air stainless steel heat exchanger has gone beyond one million cycles. And the Million-Air is still running without any sign of failure. That means igniting the burner, heating the exchanger to 1,100 F and allowing it to cool to 200 F. Then repeating the process more than one million times! A million cycles can equate to a century of use under normal operating conditions and maintenance.The Million-Air draws on three key technologies that work together with the physical properties of the stainless steel tubes. The result is a tight, strong, long-lasting heat exchanger that is unsurpassed in the industry.

  1. Wrinkle-bend technology. This allows us to form stainless steel tubes to precise specifications, while nearly eliminating the manufacturing stresses that can be placed on the material. Plus, the wrinkles enhance heat transfer by creating turbulence inside the tube.
  2. Dual-diameter tubing. As hot gasses pass from the larger to the smaller diameter tube, the gas releases heat and the velocity of the gas increases. This ensures that hotter gas remains in the chamber longer for optimum heat transfer to the home.
  3. Muffler-joint technology. Where the tubes are joined together and to the vestibule panel, the Million-Air makes use of the properties of thermal growth. The larger tube is drawn to a smaller diameter and fitted inside the smaller tube. During operation, the larger tube is hotter and, consequently, the joint actually becomes more solid. The same principle is employed where the tubes are joined to the vestibule panel.

...the bottom line... unlike warrantys that provide a replacement heat exchanger for a fixed period of time, the Million-Air Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger blows all previous warranties out of the water with a...

Lifetime Replacement of the Entire Furnace if the Heat Exchanger Fails!

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