Boilers up to 97% efficient

Boilers up to 97% efficient

Introducing the Baxi HT series of wall-hung condensing boilers

Fully-assembled, up to 97% energy efficient appliance quietly frees up living space while cutting home heating and water bills in half

Imagine what our customers would say if we were to ask them:What would you do if you were given an extra room in your home?

What could you do if you cut your heating and hot water bills in half?

Growing customer excitement about Baxi Luna wall-hung boilers -- and their proven ability to enhance home comfort while cutting domestic utility costs in half -- is ample reason for redoubling our continued commitment to being a leading Baxi dealer. The potential of this opportunity is further enhanced by an expanding Baxi product line, together with our partnership with Johnstone and Marathon International, the exclusive North American distributor of Baxi products.

We began carrying the Baxi Luna standard 85.5% efficient wall-hung boiler in 2004 and added the new 90%+ Baxi Luna HT condensing line July 2005. Based on the excitement from our hydronic specialists and several customers, we believe this line will be instrumental in future growth as our team and customers see it for themselves. Our firm believes Baxi Luna will emerge as a key product in our firm’s rapid growth in serving the total hydronic needs of our customers.

The Future of North American Home Comfort is here

Introducing the 90%+ Efficient Baxi Luna Wall-Hung Condensing Boiler

Together with the standard 85.5% efficient Baxi Luna wall-hung boiler, the Baxi Luna HT high-efficiency condensing wall-hung line promises to excite North American builders, contractors, and end-users about the same home heating and domestic hot water advantages that Europeans have been enjoying for more than 35 years. This makes even clearer sense in light of the forecast for continued rises in natural gas prices.

An environmentally-friendly, green product, Baxi Luna wall hung boilers, available in natural gas or LP, are so safe and quiet that they are approved for closet installation, even in the master bedroom. Plus, the new Baxi Luna HT condensing line operates at up to 97% energy efficiency, which should dramatically cut domestic utility energy consumption and costs.

It is important to know that Baxi Luna wall-hung boilers can be used with any type of air handler, wall or baseboard radiator, or in-floor radiant heating system. It is also a popular choice for custom radiant heating products like snow melt and heated towel racks.

Baxi Luna 90%+ EE condensing and 85.5% EE non-condensing wall-hung boilers are Energy Star certified for energy consumption, H-Stamp rated for operating effectiveness (required in Michigan), and fully approved by the AGA and CSA. The manufacturer is ISO 9001 certified for quality management, and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

Improved operating efficiencies

Baxi Luna HT Series is a fully modulating system providing an ideal heating and hot water solution for residential and commercial applications:

  • Baxi Luna HT 330 (32,804 to 112,601 BTU output) combination
  • Baxi Luna HT 1.33 (32,804 to 112,601 BTU output) heating only
  • Baxi Luna HT 1.450 (52,058 to 153,546 BTU output) heating only
  • Baxi Luna HT 1.650 (69,326 to 221,789 BTU output) heating only*

(*Up to 12 HT 1.650 units may be strung together and share a common venting system, thereby creating up to 3 million BTU of energy.)

Like the Baxi Luna 310fi combination heating and hot water boiler (85.5% EE, output from 105,776 to 35,486), the Baxi Luna HT series comes as a pre-assembled boiler.

BAXI Luna HT Wall-Hung Condensing Boiler: An ideal solution for all heating and domestic hot water needs:

Quietest boiler on the market

  • Direct vent
  • Sealed combustion
  • Safe for closet installation

Compact -- yet powerful

  • Fully modulating fan
  • Up to 97% efficient
  • Endless hot water on demand (combination boiler only) up to 3.5 gpm


  • Fully automatic self-diagnostics
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Significant energy savings - can cut utility bills in half

The Baxi Luna HT series features three condensing boilers that that are up to 97% efficient. These units provide hot water on demand and heat for an entire home -- from 600 to 6,000 square feet. Quiet, compact and smart, Baxi Luna HT boilers feature proven technological innovation and superior controls that raise home comfort to a new level of customer satisfaction.

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